Timeline for precinct and ward elections

[posted late February 2021]


  • Sunday 28 February (8 am) to Tuesday 2 March (8 am): Registration of electors is now closed. Over 600 voters registered to participate as electors in these party elections.

    If you registered, you should have received confirmation; later you will receive more instructions about your ward & precinct meetings. Keep your receipt for future reference; without it, you may not be able to vote.

  • Tuesday 2 March – Saturday 6 March (noon): Deadline for declaration of candidacy has now passed.

    A list of candidates for precinct and ward office is available (also as a spreadsheet).

  • Friday 12 / Saturday 13 March: Virtual forums for candidates for precinct and ward offices have been canceled, as per Article 1, Section, item 3, of the state rules. We hope to put candidate statements on this web site as soon as possible.

  • Saturday 13 March (9 am) – closing time to be announced: Election of precinct and ward officers and County Central Committee (CCC) members. The elections are completely virtual: you will receive information by email and will cast your ballot electronically. Owing to the high rate of participation, the balloting period has been extended; it closes at the end of the business day Tuesday, not Monday.

    The list of candidates for precinct and ward office includes answers from some candidates to the question Why are you running for this office?.

    If you receive your PIN but have trouble voting, contact registerrioarriba@gmail.com, or contact an election administrator at the times and phone numbers indicated on the cover letter you got with your PIN. The phone numbers and times are also on the ballot itself. Please note the hours — the administrators need to be able to get some sleep sometime!

    If you registered but have not yet received your PIN, be patient. The high participation in these elections is causing some backlog in the process of generating and mailing out the PINs. The balloting period has been extended to ensure that every registered elector will have a chance to vote. You can call an Election Administrator at any of the following numbers: (505) 423-4768, (505) 901-3997, or (505) 901-3402 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm during the voting period.

  • Friday 26 March: (Tentative) Virtual forum for candidates running for county office and for seats on the state central committee, as per Article 1, Section, item 3, of the state rules.

    [Note: the virtual forum that was to have taken place on 26 March was postponed until 5 pm Sunday 28 March; see above. -note added by webmaster, 2 pm, 28 March 2021]

  • Friday-Saturday 26-27 March: CCC meeting, election of officers, election of State Central Committee (SCC) members. Starting and closing times for the balloting will be posted by Friday 26 March.

    [Note: the CCC meeting and election of county officers and SCC members that was to have taken place on 27 March was postponed; see above. -note added by webmaster, 2 pm, 28 March 2021]