A letter from the county chair, 26 March 2021

Dear Fellow Democrats:

I want to thank all participants of the DPNM/DPRAC BALLOT counting process conducted Wednesday, March 24 at 5:00 pm. The list of Ward and Precinct winners, which now become the DPRAC County Central Committee, will be posted after the Runoff elections are completed, Sunday, March 28. The list of candidates running for a County Officer position or State Central Committee Member will be posted Sunday, March 28 before our webinar kickoff at 5:00 pm.

Where we are now

  • Every County Party must complete elections by April 3, 2021.
  • Runoff ballots were authorized today and have been sent to all three precincts facing runoff elections. Voting period for the runoff election is 12:00 pm (noon) March 26 through 12:00 pm (noon) March 28.
  • Release date for ballots to elect DPRAC County Officers and State Central Committee members is Sunday, March 28. This is NOT a violation of the DPNM rules.
  • A link to the webinar for the kickoff of the election for County Officers and State Central Committee Members will be posted on Sunday, March 28. We are awaiting final confirmation by key public officials who have been invited to the webinar. After their welcoming comments, each candidate will be allowed 2 minutes to state why they are running for a County Officer position or State Central Committee member.
  • The DPRAC County Central Committee will vote for the DPRAC County Officers and State Central Committee Members. I want to thank all registered electors and candidates for their participation in the Ward and Precinct elections. You have demonstrated your support to the mission of the DPRAC which is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot!

As I stated at the beginning of the DPNM/DPRAC Ballot Counting process, the DPNM and the DPRAC have been partners in this election process since day one. Conspiracy theories, allegations of mismanagement and other Trump tactics have plagued this election. Election Administrators are volunteers, clocking over 250 hours to work collectively with our DPNM partners. They do not deserve the hostility and anger that they have endured.

I am asking that as DEMOCRATS WE STOP EATING OUR OWN AND UNITE. There will be winners and losers as in all elections. Despite many emails sent to electors, DPNM rules are being followed. I ask that civility prevail. President Biden has called for party unity. I believe we should all adhere to this.

Thank you.

Joann V. Salazar, Chair