A letter from the county chair (13 March, 9 am)

Dear Fellow Democrats:

I want to thank all our electors for signing up to participate in the March 13, 2021 Precinct and Ward elections. The Democratic Party of New Mexico, our partner in the election process, is experiencing a high work volume in their administrative process, and therefore, the DPRAC will have to extend the voting period to the end of the business day, Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

The DPNM has authorized release of the Ward ballots which electors will receive with a letter containing their UNIQUE PIN that will need to be used to cast their two (2) ballots, one for the Ward officers and the other for the Precinct officers.

This unprecedented process has had a few challenges along the way. My goal is to make sure every vote is counted and no registered participant is disenfranchised in this COVID driven election process. Thank you for your patience and for participating in these elections to help make the DPRAC the best it has ever been to elect Democrats across the board and get our 18,000 party members engaged as never before!

My Best and Aways in Service to You,


Joann V. Salazar, Chair