2021 Precincts and CCC Apportionment

2021 Allocation of seats for Democratic Party of Rio Arriba County Central Committee

This table lists the precincts as of 2021 with the number of seats apportioned to each precinct on the Rio Arriba County Central Committee. Our thanks to the Bureau of Election in the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office for providing the maps and allowing us to put them up for the convenience of voters.

Note that the maps are often large and may be slow to download.

Precinct #DescriptionMapWard# Seats
Precinct 01Dulce (West)mapWard 36
Precinct 02Dulce (East)mapWard 32
Precinct 03LumbertonmapWard 31
Precinct 04ChamamapWard 34
Precinct 05Los PinosmapWard 31
Precinct 10Los OjosmapWard 32
Precinct 11Tierra AmarillamapWard 33
Precinct 12CebollamapWard 31
Precinct 13VallecitosmapWard 31
Precinct 14PetacamapWard 31
Precinct 21LybrookmapWard 31
Precinct 22LindrithmapWard 31
Precinct 23GallinamapWard 31
Precinct 24CoyotemapWard 32
Precinct 25CanjilonmapWard 32
Precinct 26AbiquiumapWard 34
Precinct 27El RitomapWard 35
Precinct 28La MaderamapWard 31
Precinct 35CañonesmapWard 31
Precinct 36Hernandez (West)mapWard 25
Precinct 37Hernandez (East)mapWard 22
Precinct 38Rio ChamamapWard 36
Precinct 39Ojo CalientemapWard 32
Precinct 46El GuiquemapWard 21
Precinct 47VelardemapWard 16
Precinct 48Dixon (Lower)mapWard 14
Precinct 49Dixon (Upper)mapWard 12
Precinct 56ChamitamapWard 23
Precinct 57Alcalde (Lower)mapWard 25
Precinct 58Alcalde (Upper)mapWard 23
Precinct 59Ohkay OwingehmapWard 26
Precinct 60Santa ClaramapWard 25
Precinct 61Espanola (Lucero)mapWard 12
Precinct 62Espanola AdminmapWard 22
Precinct 63La Mesilla (Upper)mapWard 25
Precinct 64La Mesilla (Lower)mapWard 24
Precinct 65San PedromapWard 24
Precinct 66Espanola (Sr. Center)mapWard 13
Precinct 67Fairview AmapWard 14
Precinct 68Ranchitos – El LlanomapWard 13
Precinct 69Fairview BmapWard 16
Precinct 70Chimayo (Lower)mapWard 15
Precinct 71Chimayo (Upper)mapWard 13
Precinct 72CordovamapWard 11
Precinct 73TruchasmapWard 12
Precinct 74Ojo SarcomapWard 11