Coming up! Spring party elections!

Registration is NOW OPEN (through 8 am Tuesday 2 March)

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 spring meetings and elections for party officers will all be held virtually. Any registered Democrat can become an elector and vote for party officers. You must register in advance to be eligible to vote! After voter registration closes, you will also be able register to run as a candidate for party office. The current plan and timetable is below.

  • What you should do right now: First, register! Also, talk to other Democrats you know in Rio Arriba. Encourage them to register to vote for party officers. Talk with others in your precinct about who might make a good precinct chair or vice-chair. Consider offering to serve as a precinct officer yourself. The party is what we make it.

  • 28 February (8 am) to 2 March (8 am): Registration for spring meetings.  Follow the link to register, so you can vote in the party elections on 13 March. 

    Notes:  please do not use a smart phone to fill out this form; the registrations from smart phones are not always getting through.  It’s a Google Forms problem and out of our control.  

    If you would like to check your precinct and ward numbers, you can do so at the Secretary of State’s voter information portal. (It may ask you to to choose an election – choose the most recent.) Your precinct number will be shown, as will other districts you are in. In Rio Arriba, your ward number is the same as your county commissioner district number.)

    Registration will be open for 48 hours, beginning on Sunday, 02/28/21 at 8:00 am and closing on Tuesday, 03/02/21at 8:00 am.

    Once you have filled out and submitted the form, you will receive confirmation and more instructions about your ward & precinct meetings.  Please double-check the spelling of your email address, since that is where your receipt will be sent.  Keep your receipt for future reference; without it, you may not be able to vote.

    If you do not receive an emailed receipt within 48 hours after submitting the form, contact the Democratic Party of Rio Arriba County at registerrioarriba@gmail.com or call an election administrator at  (505) 423-4768 or (505) 901-3402 or (505) 901-3997.

    If you prefer to register by phone, contact an election administrator at
    (505) 423-4768 or
    (505) 901-3402 or
    (505) 901-3997

  • 2 March – 6 March: Any party member wishing to run for election to the county central committee as precinct, ward, or county officer can (that is, must) announce their candidacy. Link will be posted here when available. Watch this space!
    Once the candidates have all announced, the election administrators will prepare the electronic ballots for each precinct and ward. Ballots will be sent to party members who have registered to participate in the elections.

  • 12/13 March: Virtual forums for candidates for precinct and ward offices. Specific times to be announced. Plan to attend the forum for your ward to learn about the candidates in your precinct and ward, so you can decide whom to elect on 13 March.

  • 13 March: Election of precinct and ward officers and County Central Committee (CCC) members. The elections are completely virtual: you will receive information by email and will cast your ballot electronically.

  • 26 March: Virtual forum for candidates running for county office and for seats on the state central committee.

  • 26-27 March: CCC meeting, election of officers, election of State Central Committee (SCC) members.

See the chair’s call and the Events pages for details.

Note that since we have never had to have completely virtual meetings and elections before, the process this spring is unfamiliar to us all. There may be hiccups and adjustments; the DPRAC webmaster will do everything possible to keep the information on this web site up to date.

Who we are

The Rio Arriba County Democratic Party is a grassroots organization of volunteers focused on advancing democratic values. We work to create a New Mexico in which every person is treated with respect and every person has what it takes to live a life of dignity: secure, decent-paying jobs; a just economic system; not-for-profit universal healthcare; high quality public schools; a safe, healthy environment where the unmatched beauty of our land is preserved for future generations.

We are the Democratic Party organization representing the registered Democratic voters of our county; we work in concert with the New Mexico Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party to nominate and elect Democrats to public office, in order to make New Mexico everything we would like it to be.